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Asian Business Society

Our Mission

The Asian Business Society (ABS) is a graduate student organization at the NYU Stern School of Business that strives to promote interest in both the domestic and international Asian business environment. We actively support Asian Americans, Asian international students looking to work either in the U.S. or abroad, and students of all ethnic backgrounds interested in pursuing a career in Asia. We serve as the primary career conduit for those seeking international opportunities in Asia, and as a support network for those seeking domestic opportunities. Our focus is geared towards professional and social network development, rather than strictly cultural.

Alumni Relations


Career Development

ABS alumni provide additional touch points for our students seeking career advice and insight into the various organizations that our alumni represent. This is especially important for those students who are looking at opportunities abroad and do not readily have the same resources available as those seeking domestic opportunities. We organize several functions a year to bring alumni together with current students, such as conference calls with alumni in Asia and cocktail events with alumni in the city.   Aside from hosting corporate presentations for Asian companies and subsidiaries, one of our main responsibilities is to assist all members with their professional development. As we have members from across the world, we mold our initiatives to match their various needs. For those looking to enter a workplace in which they have little experience, we host cultural workshops. For those seeking to hone and practice their recruiting skills, we schedule mock interviews and career panels. For those looking for a guiding hand and friend to ask advice from, we offer a mentoring program. 

Networking Events


New York Asian Community Events

Our events range from career oriented mingling with alumni and leaders in the field to fun mixers with classmates and students from other business schools. Our goal is to broaden the social circles and contacts of our members.    ABS supports and co-sponsors various events of Asian communities in New York. It is our goal to cooperate strategically with the local communities and organizations to promote Asian culture in the city through festivals and events.