EEX Summer Internship Fellowship

EEX, with the help of the Berkley Center, is kicking off an exciting pilot program to promote internships within the entrepreneurial field. The program provides stipend matching at partner companies, all vetted new ventures or angel groups.

Partner companies have agreed to compensate the selected fellows $3,200-$5,000, and the fellowship will match the compensation secured.

Partner Companies

If you would like to be considered for this fellowship (up to $5,000), please complete the following application: click to download application

Email the completed document along with your resume to Pauline Oudin at


Fundspire | (Go to top)

Role: Marketing/PR Intern

Location: 419 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

About Fundspire

Fundspire is a cutting edge analytics and reporting software platform for the hedge fund industry. Fundspire was founded by hedge fund investors who grew frustrated with the software available in the industry since the options were too cumbersome, inflexible, buggy and expensive. Fundspire took on the challenge to create a scalable, enterprise-wide, affordable and targeted solution, and offer it to the hedge fund industry. Fundspire is a young company who is eager for a big slice of market share in the analytics and reporting platform in the hedge fund industry.

About the Position

Fundspire is looking for a person with an innovative mind to promote the Fundspire platform. Fundspire provides an analytics and reporting tool that is easily adopted by our clients, however we need more publicity in the hedge fund industry amongst our prospects, industry association and publications. We want your ideas and expertise on how to use marketing and PR through traditional and social media, blogs, news and PR releases, online videos and viral marketing to reach our prospects, and turn them into Fundspire clients.


Fundspire will offer you a 10-week program where you will have the sole responsibility to create and implement a marketing/PR program to promote the Fundspire platform within the hedge fund industry.


  • An entrepreneurial person with a passion for start-ups
  • PR/Marketing experience in financial services industry is preferred
  • Self-starter who can work independently without much direction
  • An idea generator who produces results
  • Highly articulate with excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Passion for finance and technology

Benefits of Working at Fundspire

  • Work in a team of exceptional professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the hedge fund and technology industries, and a team that want to help your career progress
  • Build a network of contacts in the hedge fund industry


Golden Seeds | (Go to top)

Role: MBA Summer Intern

Location: 750 Lexington Ave, New York City

About Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds invests in companies that have at least one woman in a C-level position with equity in the company. The group was founded by Stephanie Hanbury-Brown in 2004, and the first forum at which two entrepreneurs presented to six prospective investor members took place in April 2005. Peggy Wallace joined the group in 2005, and, in 2008 she partnered with Stephanie for Golden Seeds’ first fund. Fund 2 was founded in 2011 when Stephanie and Peggy were joined by six additional partners: Jo Ann Corkran, Jim Estill, Nada Jain, Tim O’Neill, Kathryn Swintek, and Joan Zief. Investments are made directly in companies by members, as well as through the fund.

About the Position

The Golden Seeds MBA Summer Intern will be assigned to a Managing Director to support the completion of one of several corporate projects that are in progress:

1. Website

New website total redesign and implementation for This project is being supervised by a steering committee of Managing Directors, including Forum Leaders from Boston, San Francisco and New York, the head of Golden Seeds Academy, the head of Golden Seeds Membership, and the head of Golden Seeds. A staff person has been assigned to the project and the MBA intern will work alongside the staff person but will be required to drive the project including: Research web-based tools and resources to be deployed, collect, collate and create content, set up and update new social networking capabilities for the company.

2. Entrepreneur Outreach

Research identifying women entrepreneurs throughout the US and Europe. This project is supervised by the MD responsible for the Golden Seeds Academy, as well as the MD responsible for our Private Equity project. The research will be used for two purposes:

1. Marketing our educational program (obtaining equity financing and venture capital) as well as our capabilities for financing early stage high growth companies

2. Identification of companies that can be targeted for private equity investment.

The MBA will work alongside our Entrepreneur Liaison.

3. Family Office and Foundation Research

Research indentifying and connecting with Family Offices and HNW individuals. This project is supervised by the MD responsible for raising capital for our funds. The purpose is to reach out to the family offices and foundations that are mission aligned with Golden Seeds and to help market our funds to those individuals and groups.


  • Advanced ability to work with spreadsheets
  • Capability of completing quantitative mathematical analyses
  • Evaluating business plans
  • Strong internet research skills
  • Understanding of sector classifications of industries
  • Ability to extrapolate key points in any conversation and articulate these in concise written language
  • Good communications skills

We will work with the candidate to determine which of the projects the intern will be assigned to.


Gorann | (Go to top)

Role: Cap Table Analyst

Location: 750 Lexington Ave, New York City

About Gorann

Gorann ( is developing an online system to streamline the investment process surrounding investments in early stage privately help companies.

The system, AngelExchange, is now a working prototype, and provides the following features to Angel Groups, investors and company managers.

  • Workflow process to manage the signing of documents and collection of funds when investments are made by multiple parties in early stage companies.
  • Portfolio view of pertinent data for investors to manage investments in multiple privately held companies
  • On line share register for company managers to maintain their shareholder register.
  • Basic corporate governance

The company is now entering live data into the system to provide portfolio views to investors and share register information to companies. This historic data is held in multiple formats, including cap table spreadsheets, subscription documents and other documents.

About the Position

The prime responsibility of the analyst will be to work with angel groups to

  • Get agreement from portfolio company’s to collect, analyze and prepare the data of all the investment transactions that have happened in the life of the company.
  • Work with Gorann team to analyze and prepare the data into a structured format for upload to the system.
  • Demonstrate the processed data to company executives and board members to confirm data it is correct.
  • Demonstrate the portfolio view to angel group executives.

In addition, Analyst will be expected to collect feedback from users about system functionality and will be invited to participate in system re-design.


The analyst should be familiar with the concepts of share registers, cap tables, subscription agreements and private securities. Excellent communication skills are required as interaction with company executives, investors and board members will be required.


JumpThru - Women’s Business Accelerator | (Go to top)

Project: AngelExchange

Location: 37 East 28th Street, New York City

About JumpThru

JumpThru is an early stage company that offers a supportive environment in which women entrepreneurs can discover and create products for women using the power of technology.

Technology companies in sectors such as Internet, software, digital media, and gaming fields can either join the accelerator or be founded organically based on a perceived need in the marketplace for women. Founded in early 2011, JumpThru is a company that uses an approach to entrepreneurship called the “Lean and Agile” startup methodology. The methodology came about recently because the Internet made it possible to quickly test market and adjust new products based on user feedback before a major product launch.

About the Position

The position for the summer involves preparing a business plan for 2 business opportunities. The first one is an established firm that is founded by a woman with a PhD in engineering and computer science. She is looking to partner with an organization that can provide business acumen to her company. This way, her firm will be able to focus more on the actual creation of products for women in targeted sectors. The business plan writing will require market research to determine the need for a partner company, to pinpoint the strengths and expertise of the existing company, and to determine the capital required for the existing company to bring products to market. The goal would be to fully understand the existing business of the company and prepare a document that summarizes the findings and identifies possible future opportunities. This project would be similar to the analysis that occurs when one company looks at acquiring another company and the possible synergies that might result in a new entity.

The second project would be to write a business plan for an early stage organization that provides classes to women about various programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, Java Script, etc. The organization was founded in the last 18 months and has a loyal following, significant demand and well-qualified female teachers who are expert programmers. The founder of this teaching organization does not have the time or the expertise to prepare a full business plan that is necessary to formulate a business and take it forward to a national and international level. JumpThru wants to encourage and support this effort, as it is vital that women learn to write code to create the next generation of technology products for women. The teaching organization is also a resource for JumpThru, as it will provide highly skilled female talent.


The summer position requires a person with business knowledge and experience. This is for a person who can take initiative and will be able to function in a start up environment where each day the organization and business are evolving. This will truly be an opportunity to see a start-up in an intimate way and to participate in evaluating and creating new business opportunities.

Benefits of Working at JumpThru

One of the main befeits of working at JumpThru is working directly with a business mentor. The founder and CEO of JumpThru is Deborah Buresh Jackson who had a 20+year career in investment banking after Columbia Business School. She started at Goldman Sachs in 1980 back when the investment banking business was very different than it is today. Ms. Jackson had her first experience with a start up when she wrote a business plan and secured funding for a start up boutique firm in 1990. She also launched a new business practice in health care technology before the Internet market disruption in the mid 1990s. Ms. Jackson has served on several non-profit Boards and in community organizations. She is a member of Golden Seeds, a group of 160 angel investors, who invest in women founded or women led companies.