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Established in 2004 as a pioneering career-based outreach program for MBA students interested in the luxury and retail sectors, the NYU Stern Luxury and Retail Club aims to promote NYU Stern as a premier source of talent and academic leadership in these specific industries. The club now boasts over 1,200 members and has established relationships with some of the most prominent companies and individuals in the luxury and retail space. 

In 2009, NYU Stern introduced the Luxury Marketing specialization, the first of its kind among top-tier business schools. This focus differentiates NYU Stern from other MBA programs and as a club, we collaborate with faculty and industry executives to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum driven by today’s industry leaders.



Name: Catie Cambria, 

Board Position: Co-President

Specialization: Luxury Marketing

Summer Internship: MBA Marketing Summer Intern at L'Oreal, Kiehl's brand

Favorite part of Stern: The incredibly smart, fun-loving, and diverse students

Favorite things to do in New York: Check out great art, scope out the shoe floor at Barney's, have cocktails in Brooklyn

Life-long dream: To be on the C-Suite of a luxury brand-- dreaming big!

Name: Sarah Smith,

Board Position: Co-President

Specialization: Luxury Marketing

Summer Internship: Skincare Marketing at Chanel

Favorite part of Stern: Our Think Social, Drink Local event in the spring!  

Favorite things to do in New York:  Visiting the Costume Institute at the Met, going to the US Open, admiring the window displays at Barneys, and walking my dogs on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Life-long dream:  To become CEO/COO to a young, talented designer and help him or her grow the business and become inducted into the CFDA.  I then hope to launch my own business involving the lending of high-fashion clothes.   

Name: Liz Batsche,

Board Position: VP, Admissions

Specialization: Luxury and Digital Marketing

Summer Internship: MBA Marketing Intern at Diageo, CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka

Favorite part of Stern: The sheer number of exciting projects and opportunities offered to students. My favorite two have been the Luxury and Retail Consulting Corp and Club Treks (I’ve gone to Napa and Thailand so far!)

Favorite things to do in New York: Explore new neighborhoods and discover hidden bars and restaurants. I’m always down for trying new inventive cocktails and desserts (or dessert cocktails)

Life-long dream: Start my own brand consultancy firm

Name: Olivia Droney, 

Board Position: VP, Alumni Relations

Specialization: Marketing

Summer Internship: Reckitt Beckiser

Favorite part of Stern: The people!

Favorite things to do in New York: Go for a long run along Hudson River Park or walk along the Highline

Life-long dream: To visit every continent!

Name: Erin Aarsvold,

Board Position: VP, Corporate Development- Fashion and Beauty

Specialization: Luxury Marketing

Summer Internship: L’Oreal Luxe- Giorgio Armani Beauty

Favorite part of Stern: Sternies. I never could have expected to meet so many amazing and unique people.   

Favorite things to do in New York: Explore the city on foot. I enjoy discovering new restaurants, bars and shops, simply by taking a walk. As a native LA girl, this concept is a novel one!

Life-long dream: It changes everyday. I want the freedom to follow my passions and the time and flexibility to enjoy my life.

Name: Whitney Krueger,

Board Position: VP, Corporate Development- Lifestyle, Hospitality & Spirits

Specialization: Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Summer Internship: RoC Skincare, Johnson & Johnson

Favorite part of Stern: The people!

Favorite things to do in New York: Exploring

Life-long dream: Travel to every continent

Name: Nazly Hafez,

Board Position: Co-VP, Knowledge Management

Specializations: Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Impact, and Strategy

Summer Internship: Booz & Co.

Favorite part of Stern: Meeting new people with infectious ambition and passion to create a difference in the world 

Favorite things to do in New York: Checking out new restaurants and cocktail bars, going to street markets, running in Central Park, and enjoying the randomness of the city like the guy who plays the saxophone outside my window all night when I’m up working on a project.

Life-long dream: To build an integrated culinary business that develops poor areas in the MENA region, supports local agriculture, creates employment opportunities, and brings Middle Eastern and North African food to the forefront of global cuisine.

Name: Katey Hassan,

Board Position: Co-VP, Knowledge Management

Specialization: Luxury & Retail

Summer Internship: L’Oreal

Favorite Part of Stern: All of the amazing people I have met- who are just as nerdy and passionate about the industry as I am. 

Favorite things to do in New York: Eat!

Life-long dream: To be CEO of...

Name: Rex Pham,

Board Position: VP, Marketing & PR

Specialization: Marketing, Finance

Summer Internship: Marketing/ Strategy at Scratch Music Group, Marketing at Brenne Whisky

Favorite part of Stern: Ability to meet people you never thought you would cross paths with

Favorite things to do in New York: Going to concerts and wandering around neighborhood, taking pictures. 

Life-long dream: To get paid a lot of money to make things “cool”. 

Name: Margaret Feinberg,

Board Position: Co-VP, Consulting Corps    

Specialization: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business Analytics

Summer Internship: IBM Global Business Services – Strategy and Change Internal Practice

Favorite part of Stern: Mouse attacks in the study rooms. (not)

Favorite things to do in New York: Sharing a bottle of wine at sunset in Brooklyn Bridge Park, fancy brunch at Bergdorf’s, enjoying the Met’s Japanese wing (the only spot in the museum where tourists never seem to go)

Life-long dream: To finally get my invitation from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Name: Tori Lo,

Board Position: Co-VP, Consulting Corps

Specialization: Strategy, Luxury & Retail

Summer Internship: Digital Commerce at American Express

Favorite part of Stern: Stern has an incredibly inclusive and collaborative community

Favorite things to do in New York: Biking along the Hudson River, admiring the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park, ogling the midcentury furniture at Brooklyn Flea

Life-long dream: Leading business strategy for a luxury home goods brand.

Name: Sarah Needham,

Board Position: Co-VP, Flagship Events

Specialization: Marketing and Strategy 

Summer Internship: Artspace

Favorite part of Stern: Making friends from all over the world!  

Favorite things to do in New York: Walk everywhere and take advantage of the city’s cultural offerings 

Life-long dream: To make a difference 

Name: Elspeth Paige Rollert,

Board Position: Co-VP, Flagship Events

Specialization: Finance, Marketing, and Strategy

Summer Internship: CHANEL

Favorite part of Stern: The company it keeps.

Favorite things to do in New York: Walking the city streets, visiting museums, and trying new restaurants. 

Life-long dream: To run my own business and to always strengthen and grow my community.

Name: Jillian Smith,

Board Position: Strategic Initiatives

Specialization: Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Summer Internship: Retail Intern at Quidsi – Merchandising and User Experience

Favorite part of Stern: The sense of community is something that continues to overwhelm me at Stern. For a business school, I think we have some serious school spirit.

Favorite things to do in New York: People watching, especially on the Upper East.

Life-long dream: I would like to start my own retail business one day. What that might look like is another question.

Name: Matthew Johnson, 

Board Position: VP, Finance

Specialization: Finance & Strategy

Summer Internship: JP Morgan Private Bank

Favorite part of Stern: Hearing diverse point of views influenced by the different experiences people bring to the table.

Favorite things to do in New York: Explore... everywhere! Life-long dream: Live a lifestyle Richard Branson would be proud of.

Name: Connie Chen,

Board Position: VP, Treks

Specialization: Luxury Marketing + Strategy

Summer Internship: Corporate MBA Intern – eCommerce, Nordstrom

Favorite part of Stern: There are many great aspects to Stern, including its location in all the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan and the unique experiential opportunities we have, like the L+RC Consulting Corp or the Stern Consulting Corp with clients like the CFDA, Gilt, or Kiehl’s.

Favorite things to do in New York: I love the diversity of art and culture in NYC, so anything related to exploring that in the realms of art, fashion, music, architecture, food, and drink.

Life-long dream: To be creative and work with talented designers.

Name: Krystal A. Walker,

Board Position: VP, Community Relations

Specialization: Luxury Retail, Strategy, & Finance

Summer Internship: Pepsico, Frito Lay- Innovation Strategy

Favorite part of Stern: The People

Favorite things to do in New York: Dancing in the Lower East Side, rooftop get togethers, walking through street fairs.

Life-long dream: Launch a media and merchandising company—my own version of  “Omnimedia.”

Name: Victoria Fudali,

Board Position: VP, Langone Students

Specialization: Luxury Marketing/Global Business/Strategy

Summer Internship: Work full time at IPG Mediabrands

Favorite part of Stern: The interesting, dynamic and intelligent people

Favorite things to do in New York: Brunch, MoMA and New Museum, running along the Hudson, exploring new neighborhoods, beaches in the summer, east coast skiing in the winter.

Life-long dream: To live and work in either Hong Kong, Singapore or California at some point.

Name: Minnie Miller,

Board Position: VP, Langone Students

Specialization: Luxury Retail, Marketing

Summer Internship: Work full time in Buying/Merchandising at Barnes and Noble, Children’s Books

Favorite part of Stern: Finding a great group of friends (not just “connections”) who support each other’s unique career goals, and having the opportunity to use what I learn at class in the evenings at my job during the day to make a positive impact on my business.

Favorite things to do in New York: Dinner at Momofuko followed by the cereal milk ice cream at Milk Bar and a late night concert at Mercury Lounge

Life-long dream: Take a roadtrip across America – I’d like to be able to say I’ve visited every state – and then move on to travel the rest of the world!