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Are you a prospective or newly accepted Stern student? OutClass has a number of resources available to you.  If you have specific questions about the admissions process or if you would like to talk to a current OutClass member, please contact us.

HelpingOUT Essay Review

As a prospective student, you have the opportunity to send your admissions essays to a current OutClass member before you submit them to the Admissions Committee.  We will read through the essay and provide constructive feedback on clarity and content.  We request, however, that you provide sufficient time for review and response prior to your admissions deadline.  Please contact us for more information. 

Please join us for the annual OutClass Perspective Students Brunch

OutClass and MBA Admissions host an on-campus brunch for prospective students each fall, featuring a panel discussion and networking opportunities with current MBA students and alumni. The 2013 OutClass Brunch will take place on Sunday, September 29 from 11am - 1pm.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be out on my application?  Stern values students with diverse backgrounds, and there is no harm in “being out” on your admissions materials.  Admissions materials are not shared with students or faculty, so there is no risk of being “outed” as a result of the admissions process.  

How big is OutClass?  OutClass is open to full- and part-time students as well as Stern alumni. We have 80+ current student (full-time, part time, and executive), alumni, faculty and administration members.  

What is it like to be a gay MBA student at Stern?  New York City is one of the best places to be gay in the United States, if not the world!  All of NYU’s schools are extremely supportive of LGBT students and Stern students are open and accepting of people from all backgrounds. Today’s business culture is in part a product of working with people different than you, so the learning goes both ways!  

How can OutClass help me advance my career?  In addition to its strong alumni network, OutClass has connections to recruiters in many industry areas, many of whom have specific LGBT-recruiting efforts.  Companies understand that they need to be diverse to succeed in today’s business environment, and OutClass is the first point of contact many companies have with Stern students.

How can I find out if Stern is the best place for me?  The best way to find out if Stern is a good fit for you is to visit!  When you make an on-campus visit through the Admissions Office, contact OutClass to set up a time to chat with a current student.