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Completed Projects


  • There was a 178% increase in average weight recycled per day when new, single stream recycle bins replaced the traditional recycle bins in the Spring of 2010
  • Thanks to a special partnership with SCORP, all students who buy beer for the year or beer for the semester will receive a reusable beer mug.  Any single-use Beer Blast cups are made of 100% biodegradable corn plastic, and pizza boxes are recycled
  • Recycle bins for paper, bottles and cans are placed throughout hallways, classrooms, and other areas in KMC and Shimkin

Energy Savings

  • Motion-detecting and sensor light switches are installed in all compatible study rooms and class rooms
  • All students are limited to 2,000 printed pages per semester, which is much more than most students print and is a generous quota compared to other schools that have such caps
  • All printers are set to default to double-sided printing
  • All PC workstations are set to go into standby mode when not in use
  • High-speed hand dryers have been installed throughout KMC and Shimkin

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

  • Stern has installed water bottle refilling stations on 4 floors in the Kaufman Management Center!

Ongoing Projects

  • Green Roof
  • Carbon Offsets of Treks
  • Eco-Fairs
  • Composting





About SCGI:

The mission of SCGI is to engage, enable and empower Stern students to lead sustainable organizations and lives by:

  • creating and supporting learning opportunities that educate students on issues of sustainability
  • providing applied/real world opportunities to help students build a skill set in sustainability practices
  • improving Stern’s environmental footprint

We challenge you to utilize the SCGI projects to increase your own greening at an individual level and to inspire you to take action for an even greater Stern.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to get involved, you can email us at:

Green Tip:

Save energy and money!

As it starts to get cold outside, instead of turning up the heat, wear a sweater and add a blanket. 



NYU Sustainability Task Force
Environmental Studies Program
Environmental Conservation Education Program, Steinhardt
NYU Recycling Services
NYU Facilities and Construction Management
NYU Bookstore Green Initiative
NYU Dining Services Sustainability
NYU Landscaping and Grounds
NYU Environmental Health and Safety

 Campus Organizations:

Earth Matters
Environmental Law Society
Green Arch Initiative

Area Organizations:

PlaNYC 2030 NYC Sustainability
Washington Square Community Supported Agriculture

National Organizations:

Earth Justice
Natural Resource Defense Council
Environmental Defense
Sierra Club
Rainforest Action Network
World Wildlife Fund
Nature Conservancy

Green Job Sites:

Carbon Finance Online
World of Renewables
Green Biz
New Ventures
Sustainable Industries Journal
Earth Works
Environmental Career
Earth Works
Sustainable Business