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Over 750 Wine Enthusiasts Want To Know About Your Services!

Who We Are

As one of the largest and most active clubs on campus, the Stern Wine Cellar is a commingling of social and educational missions, focused on bringing together a diverse set of interests and experiences around a common theme, the joyous consumption of libations and fine cuisine.

What We Do

The Stern Wine Cellar is dedicated to providing its members, and the greater Stern community, with a better understanding of wine, beer, spirits, and varied culinary fare. Cellar hosts the most events out of any other club on campus. With a proposed schedule of seventeen events throughout the year, we offer our members an opportunity to partake in a wide array of wine tasting and culinary events, along with special excursions (Long Island Wine Tasting, Napa/Sonoma Wine Tour Experience).

About Our Constituents

Members of the NYU Wine Cellar consist of both full-time and part-time students who are upwardly mobile professionals, firmly situated in New York, and seeking great culinary and wine experiences. The median salary for the most recent graduating class from NYU Stern was $140,000, making them a highly desirable group for your marketing purposes.

What We Can Do for You

As a direct link to over 700 students interested in wine, spirits, and fine cuisine, Cellar offers you the opportunity to tap into a large pool of potential customers to create an immediate impact to your bottom line, as well as achieve high life time customer value. As one of the top business schools in the country, you can be sure to reach one of the most desirable audiences around! For more information and to confirm your sponsorship of the Stern Wine Cellar please contact our co-presidents, Lee Axelrod and Michael Jarboe.