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About Us

Stern students live in one of the cultural capitals of the world, and Stern Arts, Culture & Cuisine Club is designed to immerse its members in the rich cultural fabric of the city. It offers the following social, professional and academic benefits to its membership: 1. Socially, it promotes an appreciation for the arts through organized cultural outings 2. Professionally, the club broadens MBA students’ awareness of ways to get involved in the arts 3. Academically, Stern Arts, Culture & Cuisine Club furthers Stern’s mission to provide an ‘Education In Possible” by connecting the arts to academic endeavors









Members Benefits

We are dedicated to immersing the Stern community into New York City's rich arts scene. We organize group outings to cultural venues, such as galleries and music venues, facilitate networking and learning opportunities with industry professionals, and provide students with the opportunity to display their talents through on-campus talent events.

Events & Activities

Explore the cultural offerings NYC has to offer with group events, such as museum visits, broadway shows, and cooking classes.

Exclusive Resources

Network and learn of opportunities to get involved in the arts.


Create life-long relationships with fellow students outside of the classroom.

Our Team

Emily Chen
Melanie Gonzalez
Leeza Faynzilberg
VP Treks
Asad Farooqi
VP Events
Mariel O'Connell
VP Events
Jeremy Russell
VP Events
Matthew Senter
VP Finance/Treasurer
Nicholas Duncan
VP Langone
Phan Hoang
AVP of Events
Qurat-Ul-Ain Khan
AVP of Events
Adrienne White
AVP of Events
Sylvia Luong
AVP of Finance
Alexandra Strick
AVP of Langone
Natalie Friedman
AVP of Marketing and Social Media


Arts, Culture & Cuisine

44 West 4th Street
New York, NY, 10012