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Our mission is to provide MBA students interested in careers in FinTech the resources to achieve their goals through career development workshops, experiential programs, speaking events, company treks and alumni networking opportunities.









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Weekly newsletters for all things FinTech at NYU Stern and beyond. Exclusive case competition events. Discounted access to external tech conferences. Vertical specific interview prep. Lunch and Learn sessions with industry professionals. Priority for treks

Events & Activities

Hear from industry leaders on a range of exciting topics such as Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI, etc. Get access to lunch and learn sessions with top executives from some of the biggest players in the FinTech industry.

Exclusive Resources

Learn about exciting internship and full-time opportunities in the FinTech industry. Keep yourself updated with industry news and trends through exclusive weekly newsletters.


Attend company treks to get a unique perspective on industry, products and work culture at some of the biggest names in the industry. Make meaningful connections through a well-curated database of Stern alumni working in the FinTech industry.

Our Team

Santiago Berdegué Profile

Santiago Berdegué

Mariano Alday Profile

Mariano Alday

Mahesh Pallapolu Profile

Mahesh Pallapolu

Susmitha Pandula Profile

Susmitha Pandula

Chidimma Onyenso Profile

Chidimma Onyenso

Akua Achampong Profile

Akua Achampong

Victor Zhang Profile

Victor Zhang

Kazi Abrar Hossain Profile

Kazi Abrar Hossain

Rachita Jain Profile

Rachita Jain

Tam Pinitpuvadol Profile

Tam Pinitpuvadol

Santiago Ramirez Profile

Santiago Ramirez

Steven Sacia Profile

Steven Sacia

Nicolas Acero Profile

Nicolas Acero

Rutu Suthar Profile

Rutu Suthar

VP Marketing
Victoria Scotoni Profile

Victoria Scotoni

VP Corp Relations
Barak Shoushan Profile

Barak Shoushan

VP Academics & Admissions
Samuel Reyes Profile

Samuel Reyes

VP Finance/Treasurer
Jose Sanchez-Robles de las Rivas Profile

Jose Sanchez-Robles de las Rivas

VP Knowledge Management
Sergio Palomino Profile

Sergio Palomino

VP Corp Relations
Selly Djap Profile

Selly Djap

VP Marketing & Communications
Franco Medina Angulo Profile

Franco Medina Angulo

VP Corp Relations
Niraj Dsouza Profile

Niraj Dsouza

VP Knowledge Management
Jake Winters Profile

Jake Winters

VP Alumni
Abhishek Kumar Profile

Abhishek Kumar

VP Social
Biswajit Sarkar Profile

Biswajit Sarkar

VP Academics & Admissions
Nicholas Arroyo Profile

Nicholas Arroyo

VP Corp Relations
Christian Edouard Profile

Christian Edouard

VP Finance/Treasurer
Jeevan Renjith Profile

Jeevan Renjith

VP Corp Relations
Mei Han Yuan Profile

Mei Han Yuan

VP Social
Corbin Hendrixson Profile

Corbin Hendrixson

VP Social


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