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GFA offers resources to equip our members with the skills and connections necessary for a career in investment banking. We facilitate this through various educational and networking activities, such as the weekly GFA Host-A-Deal sessions, Corporate Presentations, and the annual GFA Conference. Additionally, we provide workshops, speaker panels, and mentorship programs to help our members secure and excel in their summer internships.

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Career Development Program

We provide first-year MBAs with informational, educational, and mentoring sessions throughout the Fall Semester to better prepare them for recruiting and a career in Investment Banking. Students will be matched up with an MBA2 mentor to help guide them through the recruiting process. Students will also participate in sessions specifically targeting the skills they need to capture secure an investment banking internship.

Host A Deal

Perhaps the most popular and heavily attended weekly event for Stern students, Host A Deal sessions provide corporations with a forum to interact with and educate our members through the use of case studies or industry and product reviews. Each presentation is followed by an interactive Q&A session. Host-A-Deal is an excellent way to raise awareness about your company and generate interest in available opportunities.

GFA Conference

Each year, the club assembles leading practitioners from a particular industry to discuss major market trends. These practitioners include CEOs, senior research analysts, and top Stern professors. Immediately following the conference, there will be a networking event with alumni representation from over 15 investment banks.

Corporate Presentations

The Office of Career Development coordinates Corporate Presentations for SternÔÇÖs employer partners, including investment banks. These presentations vary in size and format and are an opportunity for each bank to highlight and showcase their firm. After the formal presentation, candidates have the opportunity to network with individuals from each bank to learn more about their experiences and firm. The GFA works closely with the Office of Career Development to market and underscores the importance of presentations to GFA members.

Mentorship Program

All first-year MBA students that are recruiting for investment banking will be paired with a 1-on-1 mentor to help answer any questions they may have and help guide them through the recruiting process. Candidates will be paired with mentors based on prior professional experience, interests, and other preferences that will help encourage a meaningful relationship.

Training The Street

The GFA has partnered with Training the Street Inc. to deliver educational seminars focused on Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Valuation, Interview Preparation, Applied Excel, Financial Modeling, and M&A/LBO. Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, members are encouraged to participate in these training sessions to help prepare them for recruiting, interviews, and their internship.

Past Events (2022-23)

September 19 | 04:30 pm

Industry & Product Group Overview

September 26 | 04:30 pm

Coffee Chats + Talking About Deals

October 04 | 12:00 pm

Host a Deal: J.P. Morgan

October 21 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Goldman Sachs

October 24 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Houlihan Lokey

October 25 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Guggenheim

October 26 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Piper Sandler

October 28 | 01:00 pm

GFA Conference 2022

October 31 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Moelis

November 01 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Citi

November 02 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: Morgan Stanley

November 07 | 12:00 pm

Host A Deal: RBC


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