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  • Opening a bank account is straight forward, just bring your passport and I-20.
  • Choose a bank that is convenient (nearby) to school or where you live. Most banks have good deals for students.
  • A registrar letter confirming your address and enrollment may be needed for setting up a bank account. This can be obtained at the StudentLinkCenter.
  • Ensure you maintain adequate balance in your checking or savings account to prevent paying account maintainence fees.

Credit Cards

These blogs discuss how you can apply for a credit card without having a social security number.

  • Apply online to receive bonus offers.
  • Certain credit card providers such as Amex (see Global Card Transfers) allows for global credit card transfers. Check with your credit card providers for details.

Note: These are some recommendations that have worked for students in the past and don’t always work out. NYU or the International Committee is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the blogs listed above.