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Phone Service

Mobile (Cell Phone) Service Providers

You have a few choices for cell phone service: a pre-paid plan, or monthly plans, some with a year or two-year contract, and some without. Since you most likely do not have a credit history in the U.S., cell phone companies may require a refundable deposit before a contract can be approved. If you opt for a pre-paid plan, please make sure and read the fine print.  Some companies charge a fee to customers who use a calling card with the pre-paid plans.

If you choose to sign a contract, you will be charged a fee if you cancel the service before time. See http://blog.peertransfer.com/2013/06/11/choosing-a-cell-phone-provider-in-the-u-s-for-international-students/ for some good tips on understanding and choosing a mobile phone plan.

For a list of providers closest to NYU, see:

Tips from MBA2s:
  • You most likely will need to sign up for a month to month plan if you have no US credit.
  • AT&T tends to have better reception within Palladium (on-campus housing).
  • AT&T works but requires a $500 deposit or SSN, otherwise you will need to hop on a month to month prepaid plan.

Local & Long Distance Calls
For local or long distance service you must dial 1 plus the 10-digit number (example: 1-212-854-3587 for the ISSO). The area code is the first 3 numbers. In the above example 212 is the area code
Toll-Free Call
These numbers are often referred to as “800 numbers” after the original area code. For service, dial 1 plus the toll free 10-digit number. The following area codes indicate toll- free calls: 800, 822, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888.
International Call
Dial 011+country code + area code +number. See www.countrycallingcodes.com for a list of country codes.