NYU Stern is the first top-tier business school to have a dedicated luxury specialization. Club leaders have collaborated with faculty and industry executives to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum driven by today's industry leaders. Some of the current courses offered at Stern include Luxury Marketing, Luxury Branding, Brand Strategy, Retail Strategy, and Innovation & Design.


Faculty Advisors

The NYU Stern Community boasts the following distinguished faculty members that serve as advisors to the Luxury & Retail Club. Our faculty provide guidance in growing the impact of the club and also generously donate their time by acting as mentors to the Luxury & Retail Consulting Corps or by participating in the club's regular panel presentations.

Scott Galloway - Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing

Herbert Kleinberger – Marketing Department

Thomai Sedari - Adjunct Associate Professor, Marketing


Luxury Marketing
B70.2126 (1.5 Credits)

The course is designed to help students develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the multi-billion dollar market for luxury goods and services. The course is taught by Greg Furman, founder and chairman the Luxury Marketing Council.


Luxury 2.0: Prestige Brands in a Digital Age

B70.2127 (1.5 credits)

This course aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of the industry and grasp of the technologies and platforms reshaping the business.


Doing Business in Italy

B86.3111 (1.5 credits)

The “Doing Business in...” (DBi) Program provides students with the opportunity to gain international experience in a rapidly expanding global economy. Doing Business in Italy, which takes place in Milan during Spring Break, provides students with exposure to the high fashion and luxury industry in one of the fashion capitals of Europe. 


Retail Strategy
B70.2175 (1.5 credits)

The course will examine how retailers understand their customers' preferences and respond with appropriate products through effective supply chain management. This course will arm students with an understanding of the tools and approaches for evaluating and formulating successful business strategies for retailers.

Advanced Marketing Planning Strategy

B70.2350 (3.0 credits)

The course covers the ins and outs of brand positioning, marketing plan budget setting, pricing strategy development, and volume forecasting. Media plans and ads are created, as well as consumer promotion, trade promotion, direct marketing, Internet marketing and viral/buzz marketing plans.


Brand Strategy

B70.2365 (3.0 credits)

This course provides the framework for building a brand-equity driven, sustainable business. It explores what it takes to build a long-term customer experience and mutually rewarding relationship.


Building and Managing Customer Relationships

B70.2345 (3.0 credits)

This course focuses on the new marketing tools and techniques—one-to-one marketing; databases; data mining and modeling; CRM; testing and measurement; Internet marketing; and integrated marketing communications—that businesses use to attract the right new prospects, convert them to buyers, and gain their loyalty over the long term.


Innovation & Design
B70.2371.30 (3.0 Credits)

The course structure will focus on a process used to describe a way of thinking and set of deliverables associated with creative concept exploration in product, digital, and/or environment design projects. The goal of the course is to define, design, and validate concepts using a selection of creative methods and research heuristics. 

Supply Chain Management

B60.2306 (3.0 credits)

This course aims to 1) develop an understanding of individual components of the supply chain, 2) impart analytical skills necessary to develop solutions for a variety of logistics problems, 3) understand the complexity of inter-firm and intra-firm coordination, and 4) develop the ability to design logistics systems and formulate integrated supply chain strategy.