Welcome NYU Stern Full-Time MBA Class of 2024!

Dear Incoming MBA1s,

On behalf of Stern’s Management Consulting Association (MCA), we are pleased to welcome you to the Stern community and are so looking forward to meeting you this fall! Our names are Heather Rosen-Kahnowitz and Bryan Pfeffer, and we are the Co-Presidents of MCA.

Landing an internship in consulting is challenging and requires hard work. MCA’s mission is to provide you with the training and resources you need to succeed while minimizing any unnecessary obstacles and stress associated with the process. Some of you may be concerned about coming from a non-traditional background. Don’t worry! The majority of Sternies who end up in consulting after business school had no prior background in the industry.

You may also be wondering what you can do over the summer to best set yourself up for success. Our most important recommendation is to come to school rested and ready to go. Take time this summer to relax, have fun, travel, and spend time with loved ones. The fall will be extremely busy and you will be grateful for taking advantage of your summer time to do so. While you may be tempted to start casing now, we promise that’s not the best use of your time. If you do feel the need to get started, here some areas which we would recommend you start with instead of casing:

Reflect on your life and career so far. Think deeply about what you want your future to look like and what you are seeking in a career. Specifically, start framing your answer for why you want a job in consulting. Your answer will be important come networking and interview season.

Document your best stories for behavioral interviews. A great starting point for this are the stories you prepared for your Stern interview. You’ll have support in the fall to further develop these and tailor them to consulting interviews, but writing these down while they are fresh in your mind will help you later on.

Consider attending pre-MBA programs such as those run by consulting firms or affinity groups. Please note - these are NOT required by any means. If you do not have time for these or do not wish to participate, that is perfectly ok. It will not jeopardize your chances of getting a job through the fall process.

Get comfortable with general business language and concepts. An easy way to do this is by starting to consume business and financial news. Good resources include the ‘Morning Brew’ newsletter, the ‘Robinhood Snacks’ podcast, or the Wall Street Journal.

Should you have any further questions, please reach our admissions VPs, Lucinda and Fred. They will be able to guide you or connect you with someone to answer your questions. We look forward to working with you soon and helping you reach your career goals!


Heather & Bryan