Students at Stern

Each day at Stern, students challenge, support, and engage with our dynamic community.

The Office of Student Engagement is students' partner in this community experience, motivating and guiding students to make the most of their time at Stern.

Reach us at
or (212) 998-0930

Student Services

Lockers, room reservations, nametags, and nameplates

Club Resources

Club management tools, event planning guides, club finance overviews, and more

Leadership Positions

orientation leaders and student government positions

Meet the Student Life Team!

Andrea Candelario

Andrea Candelario manages the full-cycle planning of MBA orientations as well as team operations.

Shannon O'Brien

Shannon advises all MBA clubs and supports SGOV and LSG events and initiatives. Talk to Shannon if you want to implement big changes for your club operations.

Olivia Cannarozzi

Olivia supports the full-cycle conference planning and execution for MBA clubs.

Aaron Streza

Aaron manages all club finances and can help with student reimbursements, opening purchase orders, and advising on club spending.

Jenna Mortenson

Jenna supports club events and logistics. When she's not on Zoom, you can find her at the front desk of OSE!

Conor Grennan

Conor oversees the Student Life Team and the judiciary board. Class of 2010!