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Applications to study abroad during the 2021-2022 academic year are due March 15, 2021.

Semester Abroad Application Process

Academic Year 2021-2022

Information Session

February 17, 2021

Session I, 5-6pm


Application deadline for both fall and spring semesters:

March 15, 2021


Eligible applicants will be invited to an in-person interview.

February & March, 2021

Decision Notifications

Applicants will receive decision notifications from the semester abroad program by:

March 29, 2021

Meetings with Intl. Programs

Students will meet with the International Programs team to discuss the partner university and sign student contract.

March 30 - April 2, 2021


Students accept or deny their place in the offered study abroad program.

Deposit Deadline

Program Fee of $1000 due to the Stern Bursar:

April 5, 2021

The deposit is applied to the student's tuition bill. Once students accept their place in the exchange program and pay the $1,000 tuition deposit, they are making a firm commitment to Stern and to the exchange school. Please note that if a student decides not to go abroad, they will forfeit the $1,000 deposit. No refunds are granted after the deposit deadline.

Bon Voyage!

Students attend a pre-departure class and then depart for their semester abroad.

Many Stern resources are available to students while they travel internationally (see: Outbound Resources).


To enroll in a semester abroad program, all students must be in good academic and financial standing, have completed Stern Core requirements (except Professional Responsibility and Langone Core), and not have any Code of Conduct violations. Students are held to the same Code of Conduct and academic expectations abroad as they are on Stern's campus.

It is the responsibility of the student to know and fulfill all requirements for the MBA. Students should meet with an academic advisor to review and approve their study abroad course selections prior to enrollment in a study abroad program. Full-time students should speak with the Office of Career Development (OCD) to learn what semester is most appropriate for recruiting. Langone students should access the services of the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP).

Credits at Stern

If studying for a full-semester, full-time students must take the equivalent of at least 9 credits. Langone students may participate in a full-semester exchange and take a full credit load abroad, but this does not transfer them to the full-time program , and as such, their career services continue to be met by the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP).

Of the MBA degree 60-credit requirement, no more than 25% (15 credits) may be completed outside Stern's New York City campus. If more than 15 credits are completed abroad, the additional credits earned cannot be counted toward the degree.

Courses taken abroad count toward elective requirements. No language courses, neither in New York City nor abroad, may be counted toward the MBA degree.

Up to 6 credits of international study abroad electives with an international focus may be applied toward the Global Business specialization. For all other specializations, requirements must be completed at Stern.

If a student does not achieve a passing grade (grade "D") in courses taken abroad, they will not receive credit at Stern and must make up these credits through additional coursework.

Credits taken abroad are considered by Stern to be credit/no credit and do not count toward students' grade point averages.

Credits at Partner Schools

Students must enroll in graduate-level, business related courses, and may not register for classes in which the material is similar to what has already been taken at Stern. Non-business courses are never approved for transfer credit.

Students must earn a passing grade ("D" or higher) in courses taken at our partner schools in order to earn credit at Stern. Please note that refunds are not permissible in the event of a failing grade. Final credit will be awarded once the official transcript is received from the partner school, which may be up to eight weeks after the exchange semester's completion.