Tech Solutions

Innovation is no longer just for start-ups, and large, established companies can also make innovation a priority. In order to foster hands-on learning, students will be working on projects with technology firms to give them experience designing, building and launching technological solutions.

Past Project Example

"Our team was asked to determine how our client, a boutique cybersecurity firm, could create a product that integrates their firmware security solution directly into their clients' development workflows."

Semester Work:

The first phase of our project involved familiarizing ourselves with our client's product offering and their clientele by conducting interviews with their existing customers and industry experts to get an understanding of the firmware security landscape. The second phase saw us leveraging our findings to devise a solution, which included creating a product storyboard, defining user personas, and crafting a go-to-market strategy.

Client Deliverable:

At the end of our project, we delivered to our client a minimum viable product consisting of implementable computer code, product wireframes and a positioning pitch that collectively would facilitate the development of the product in full and help them sell it immediately to customers once completed.


  • Students must have completed 15 credits.


  • This is a lottery based course (INTA-GB.3323)

Program Policies

  • This is a 3-credit course.