Social Innovation Symposium


Every year, students from NYU's Policy, Law, and Business schools host our Social Innovation Symposium centered around creating social impact. We bring speakers from a diverse array of industries, countries, and backgrounds to inspire new generations of change-makers.


This year’s theme, Social Intrapreneurship: Transforming Business from Within, considers how success in business, from local to transnational and from social enterprise to Fortune 500, requires social innovation. This goes far beyond corporate social responsibility departments and requires that organizations create a culture of creativity that unites all teams around both financial and impact goals.  Through a series of panels, workshops, and roundtables, trailblazers will lead discussions on how each functional role (e.g., operations, marketing, legal etc.) in an organization can drive social innovation, how to maximize innovation to add value to business and society, and what this means for individuals looking to make an impact and be competitive in the ever-changing business landscape.


The conference is on Friday, February 23, and you can find more information at our website:


Flyers from previous Social Innovation Symposiums