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Mission of SpeechMasters

As the public speaking club of NYU Stern, SpeechMasters' mission is to help students build best in class skills in executive communication. SpeechMasters offers students a friendly and supportive forum to develop these vital skills and grow professionally. Events like "Thinking on Your Feet" and "Feedback from the Pros" provide Stern students with frequent opportunities to practice and become a better speaker.


Some of Our Events

SpeechMasters' "Public Speaking Workshop" are reoccurring sessions designed to help you improve as you gain experience in front of an audience.  You'll have the option to present your own material or to think on your feet by speaking on an impromptu basis in front of an audience.  As an added bonus we will videotape you, offering you the chance to see for yourself areas in which you can improve and become a more effective speaker.

"Feedback from the Pros" is a workshop in which you will get the chance to deliver a presentation and get feedback by our own Stern professors or an outside consultant. This is a great opportunity to receive insightful advice and genuine feedback from a bona fide expert.