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Stern Policy Forum Newsletter |30 March 2020

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you are safe and healthy amidst this unprecedented moment we are experiencing. In times of crisis, our most valuable resource as a club and community is the bond we've formed with one another over a common interest in politics and policy. Look out for one another and check-in often. We'll be back before we know it. Stay Safe!

COVID Response | Article "No, Politics won't take a backseat for the virus" (Politico)

The virus has brought on many unique challenges for our elected officials. How does the government function with so much going on? Read about it here.

Election 2020 | Article "How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Reshape the U.S. Election?" (Foreign Policy)

In case there isn't already enough going on, we have an election coming up soon! This article breaks down how the virus response will affect the upcoming election.

Policy Brief | Article "Stimulus Bill FAQ" (New York Times)

The recently passed stimulus bill will affect all of us in different ways, The New York Times has put together a comprehensive set of FAQ's that should give you a better sense of what to expect.

Course Opportunity from OSE | Fall 2020 Stern Solutions Courses Information Session (with application info): Wednesday, April 15th by Zoom

Stern Solutions courses offer unique academic opportunities that leverage NYU Stern and university faculty to provide unparalleled academic courses. One of our classes includes:

Board Fellows: Learn about non-profit boards and board governance throughout a 9-month engagement. Student teams attend full board meetings and work on a strategic governance project for an NYC-based non-profit board. This is an application-based course.

Some courses are by application. Application-based courses will open on Wednesday, 4/15. Please attend our virtual Fall 2020 Stern Solutions Courses Information Session on Wednesday, April 15th at 5pm to learn more about our courses. To review eligibility requirements and learn more about the full suite of opportunities, please visit our website.

Moment of Zen 2020 | White noise

We could all use a little more zen right now, head here for a great online tool for creating some background noise to make your WFH situation a little more pleasant.