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Welcome to MBA Tutoring

This website is a forum for Sternies to apply for tutoring positions and to find qualified, pre-screened tutors should you want one. You can navigate this website using the headers at the top of the page. Please note that all tutors are MBA1s or MBA2s that have received an A, A-, or placed out of the course they are tutoring. Tutoring is for those students that need help outside of normal office hours and block-sanctioned study groups. At this time tutoring services are only available for select core classes, including Foundations of Finance, Accounting, Firms & Markets, and Statistics. Below is a description of the two different types of tutoring.

Group Volunteer-led Tutoring

These volunteer-led sessions are group-based sessions for students who are looking for smaller format study groups. Tutors volunteer 5-10 hours during the semester based on student needs. 

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is for those that require 1:1 support for their classes. Each tutor determines their own hourly rate. Please negotiate directly with the tutor regarding rate and scheduling of sessions.