Stern Follies

Making Sternies laugh since 1991.


What is Follies?

Stern Follies is an end-of-year sketch show (think SNL) with a mix of live sketches and digital shorts, all poking fun at the past year at Stern.

We make fun of all parts of the MBA experience - recruiting, classes, clubs, MBA stereotypes, and jokes specific to the Stern audience. We do not take ourselves seriously. We are not here to showcase anyone's talents, although that may be a side effect of our ultimate goal - to make everyone laugh.

However, ALL jokes are made in good fun. We're not trying to embarrass or hurt anyone. Any jokes that are made at someone's expense are always approved with them ahead of time, and we operate with full transparency as to what people are getting themselves into.

Overall, the goal is to get 500+ Sternies into a room at the end of the year and have a shared experience of fun and laughter.

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Stern Follies

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