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The mission of the Jewish Student Association (JSA) is to build a community of Jewish students, faculty, administrators and alumni here at Stern and abroad.

JSA seeks to promote interaction among the various members of our community, through networking, educational/professional and social activities.

We strives to provide a venue for non-Jewish students to learn about the Jewish culture and values and strengthen the connection between the Stern bussiness community and Israel through holding educational events, and offering Stern students a chance to go on a trek to Israel during Spring break.


JSA has roughly 200 members each year on campus and over a thousand graduates in both the US and Israel. JSA acts to build upon this network to connect people and create opportunities for students, graduates and organizations.

JSA seeks to expand the Stern Israeli network in both Israel and the US by holding networking events in both countries.

Contact Us:

To find out more about us, join us, or contact us for any other reason, email us at jsa@stern.nyu.edu
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