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SGov Finance

SGov Finance is responsible for all financial aspects of Stern's student government and student groups. The Vice President of Finance is responsible for overseeing the audit of the financial books of the preceding years and for the requisition of funds from the Dean's office and the NYU Office of Student Activities. He/she will provide the Board with semi-annual and annual financial reports. The VP of Finance and the entire elected SGov Finance team will work together to run the event funding process and student reimbursement process.

Event Funding - Application Process

The funds are to help students/clubs represent Stern at competitions, conferences and sporting events outside the Stern campus. While there is no cap on the amount of subsidy funds a club may request from SGov, clubs are expected to support a substantial portion of the total amount for the event. A 3-way split among the club, SGov and the participating students should be considered when applying (e.g. 40/20/30, 60/30/10, 70/15/15, etc.). Note: You must apply for funding BEFORE the actual event so please plan ahead. See Guidelines Below.

Key Application Guidelines:

  • There is no guarantee that an application will be approved.
  • SGov will not contribute any more than the club itself.
  • SGov will not fund more than 40% of total need.
  • Retroactive requests for reimbursement not accepted unless written evidence is provided that the club only became aware of the event at the last minute and had no other reasonable means of finding out that said event was taking place.
  • Funding is contingent upon the availability of funds, not the size of the request. Greater demand for funds will typically result in smaller awards, as we aim to support the largest number of students possible.

Please contact SGov VP of Finance with specific questions.

Step I Step IV
Plan for a future academic compeition, conference or sporting event that you would like your club members to attend. Market the event to your club members to solicit RSVPs or form teams. Work with your Club President and VP Finance officer to apply for SGov Finance funding per the steps below. After the event, he/she who initially applied for the funding must complete the feedback form. Funds will not be reimbursed until this is completed.

Step II

Step V

Submit the SGov club funding application. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Please also be prepared to justify your responses to the application via supporting materials. Approved applicants will be required to provide:

  • Marketing documentation (i.e., the event must be marketed to all club members via email/poster/etc).
  • Expense approximations (e.g., hotel reservations, Expedia/Kayak printouts to support travel costs, etc.)

The club President/VP Finance officer will then provide supporting documentation to confirm the information submitted in the feedback form (i.e., number of students who participated, actual cost breakdown) either via e-mail or submitted to the SGov mailbox (not Student Activities) on the 6th floor.

Step III Step VI

All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and decisions will be made for each request. Each club will be notified about the decision within two-three weeks after the deadline. This approval is only preliminary and pending completion of the steps below.

After the completed documentation is reviewed, SGov Finance will transfer the approved amount of funds directly to the club, at which point the club can handle the reimbursement process for those members who participated. Exceptions will be made when the event in question is not sponsored by an officially recognized student club.

Check requests, Reimbursements and Deposits

The check requests, reimbursement requests and deposits for events are handled by the Office of Student Engagement (6-120). Forms are available in the Leadership Suite 6-130 (always use those sheets as they are the most up-to-date).