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The Stern Student Government (SGov) is the MBA student government for New York University's Stern School of Business.

SGov has three goals:
1. Advocate for student priorities
2. Enable students and student-led organizations to prosper
3. Build and maintain Stern's MBA community

SGov is the governing body for all graduate student organizations, it coordinates all Stern community service work, and it organizes school-wide social activities. SGov is also responsible for allocating funds to student organizations, granting club renewals and recognizing new clubs.









Our Team

Jagrati Sarawagi Profile

Jagrati Sarawagi

Ram Natarajan Profile

Ram Natarajan

Rita Bachkhanji Profile

Rita Bachkhanji

David Lopez Profile

David Lopez

Danielle Hoang Profile

Danielle Hoang

Julian Sutton Profile

Julian Sutton

Dominique Dorsey Profile

Dominique Dorsey

Rohit Roy Profile

Rohit Roy

Dhaval Chheda Profile

Dhaval Chheda

Maya Nair Profile

Maya Nair

Tarishi Doshi Profile

Tarishi Doshi

Jay Huang Profile

Jay Huang

Susmitha Pandula Profile

Susmitha Pandula

Mudita Rana Profile

Mudita Rana

Yianni Kinnas Profile

Yianni Kinnas

Ishank Singh Profile

Ishank Singh

Abhishek Kumar Profile

Abhishek Kumar

Unnati Amin Profile

Unnati Amin

Milton Cohen Profile

Milton Cohen

Jack Blanchard Profile

Jack Blanchard

Phillip Kim Profile

Phillip Kim

Sean Tamlyn Profile

Sean Tamlyn

Leechele Hewell Profile

Leechele Hewell

Sreekavitha Parupalli Profile

Sreekavitha Parupalli

Jeevan Renjith Profile

Jeevan Renjith

Josef Ravner Profile

Josef Ravner

Grace Yan Profile

Grace Yan

Maggie Talbot Profile

Maggie Talbot

Leigh Gilliland Profile

Leigh Gilliland

Danit Fleischman Profile

Danit Fleischman

Rupal Totla Profile

Rupal Totla

Nithusan-Kohelan Velautham Profile

Nithusan-Kohelan Velautham

Rasbihari Das Profile

Rasbihari Das

June Lin Profile

June Lin

Max Soifer Profile

Max Soifer

Nikhilesh Goel Profile

Nikhilesh Goel

Dani Gurfinkel Profile

Dani Gurfinkel

Justin Kono Profile

Justin Kono

Sarah Sprole Profile

Sarah Sprole

Ana Spinnato Profile

Ana Spinnato

Janil Tejada Profile

Janil Tejada

Aanchal Machani Profile

Aanchal Machani

Joshua Yohannan Profile

Joshua Yohannan

Nate Hudson Profile

Nate Hudson

Lauren Abraham Profile

Lauren Abraham

Philip Tortoriello Profile

Philip Tortoriello

Daniela Rios Profile

Daniela Rios

Radhika Khandelwal Profile

Radhika Khandelwal

Spencer Lee Profile

Spencer Lee

Bewinda Salsabila Profile

Bewinda Salsabila

Aindrilla Mukherjee Profile

Aindrilla Mukherjee

Sam Barkin Profile

Sam Barkin

Robert Bell Wilkins Profile

Robert Bell Wilkins

Sejal Mali Profile

Sejal Mali

Nashiya Moosa Profile

Nashiya Moosa

Megan Meza Profile

Megan Meza


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