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Stern Investment Club

The Stern Investment Club is a Langone student-run club with a twofold mission:
Help students and alumni improve their investing abilities
2- Help students and alumni switch careers to investment management and securities research

Key activities organized in Fall and Spring semesters:

1. Stock Pitch Competition

2. Recruiting Focused Events

3. Valuation and Research Tools Workshops

4. Speaker Series

5. Alumni Happy Hours

Stern Investment Management & Research Society

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Executive Board:

Name  Email ID         Position
Jason Scharf  Jas1533@stern.nyu.edu         Co-President
Serena Hu  Sh3522@stern.nyu.edu         Co-President
Jessica Wasserman  Jw188@stern.nyu.edu         VP of Speakers & Alumni
Diana Keenan  Dk2547@stern.nyu.edu         VP - Communications
Christopher Gibson

Bo Yuan

Derek Coleman


        AVP - Communications

        AVP - Langone

        VP - Marketing

Lawrence Hon              Lh2456@stern.nyu.edu         VP