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At Stern FC, we organize a wide variety of activities for students that not only enjoy playing soccer but also for those of us who are casually passionate for the beautiful game.

Events that we regularly hold include:

Weekly Practice Scrimmages
Our traditional weekly practice scrimmages that are open to all Stern FC members. Signup sheets are sent at the beginning of each week with our weekly newsletter. To help maintain a feasable playing environment, each week, sign ups are limited to 18 people on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Intramural Tournaments
As Stern FC, we form intramural teams that participate in various indoor and outdoor intramural tournaments across the city. Participation is open to all Stern FC members.

Inter-MBA Tournaments
We proudly represent Stern in inter-MBA soccer tournaments at various annual tournaments including those held at Yale, UT Austin, UCLA and Dartmouth. We also occasionaly receive invites from individual schools for one-off games. Selection to represent Stern FC for inter-MBA matches depend on participation in our weekly practice scrimmages.

Social Events
As much as we like hitting the fields, we also enjoy getting together as fans of the beautiful game by organizing various social events. We will hold match viewings at bars across the city to view matches throughout the year. We also organize fantasy leagues and even trips to MLS games.

Stay tuned on our website for updates on our upcoming events and become a member of Stern FC today to join the passionate soccer community here at Stern.