Empower your voice, shape your future, and enhance your Langone experience through active involvement with our organization.

LSG Mission

  1. Offer you a forum to voice your opinion and use the feedback from classmates to shape LSG decisions;
  2. Allocate the LSG budget granted by NYU and Stern's Office of Student Engagement (OSE) efficiently;
  3. Improve the Langone student experience by:
  • Hosting social gatherings, volunteer events and educational bootcamps;
  • Educating students on potential career paths and necessary skills;
  • Fostering Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging & Equity (IDBE);
  • Navigating academic decisions; and
  • Engaging Alumni









Members Benefits

We represent interests, address concerns, and develop social, cultural, and community awareness among Langone students at NYU Stern.

Events & Activities

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Sophia Riener Profile

Sophia Riener

AVP Alumni
Sagar Kadakia Profile

Sagar Kadakia

AVP Marketing
Jack Moore Profile

Jack Moore

AVP Social Events
Tamara Gavrilova Profile

Tamara Gavrilova

AVP Academic Affairs
Samantha Hettrich Profile

Samantha Hettrich

AVP Marketing
Devin Knott Profile

Devin Knott

Mohamed Farih Profile

Mohamed Farih

AVP Alumni
Bree Parker Profile

Bree Parker

AVP Collaboration
Sunayana Shrivastava Profile

Sunayana Shrivastava

AVP Marketing & Technology
Krisna Patel Profile

Krisna Patel

AVP Academic Affairs
Alicia Gong Profile

Alicia Gong

AVP First Years
Adriana Giraldo Profile

Adriana Giraldo

AVP Careers
Kat Gomes Profile

Kat Gomes

Mayisha Khan Profile

Mayisha Khan

Vedant Trivedi Profile

Vedant Trivedi

AVP Finance
Jazmine Francis-Nobrega Profile

Jazmine Francis-Nobrega

AVP Collaboration
Kimberley Fernandez Profile

Kimberley Fernandez

AVP Philanthropy
Brandon Vuong Profile

Brandon Vuong

VP Collaboration
Bianca Phillips Profile

Bianca Phillips

AVP First Years
Kishwar Ahmed Profile

Kishwar Ahmed

AVP Marquee Events
Zuri Cassell Profile

Zuri Cassell

AVP Alumni
Collin Sagcal Profile

Collin Sagcal

AVP First Years
Tony Bae Profile

Tony Bae

AVP Philanthropy
Henry Ferguson Profile

Henry Ferguson

AVP Alumni
Megan Rae Ruiz Profile

Megan Rae Ruiz

AVP Philanthropy
Jessica Dobkin Profile

Jessica Dobkin

AVP First Years
Ally Sorrells Profile

Ally Sorrells

VP Marketing
Gabrielle Buchanan Profile

Gabrielle Buchanan

Nash Silverman Profile

Nash Silverman

VP Philanthropy
Abhishek Kumar Profile

Abhishek Kumar

AVP Alumni
Arshi Jujara Profile

Arshi Jujara

VP Technology
Sierra Duncan Profile

Sierra Duncan

VP Academic Affairs
Jenna Mortenson Profile

Jenna Mortenson

Corbin Hendrixson Profile

Corbin Hendrixson

VP Finance
Sai He Profile

Sai He

Kristina Taylor Profile

Kristina Taylor

VP Professional Development
Jeremy De Los Angeles Profile

Jeremy De Los Angeles

AVP Communications
Olivia Chiong Profile

Olivia Chiong

VP First Years
Jacqueline Greenfield Profile

Jacqueline Greenfield

VP First Years
Meredith Lerner Profile

Meredith Lerner

VP Continuing (Social)
Lauren Lazarus Profile

Lauren Lazarus

Chief of Staff
Donald Coughlan Profile

Donald Coughlan

AVP First Years
Amy Shim Profile

Amy Shim

AVP First Years
Jennifer Suragiat Profile

Jennifer Suragiat

AVP Social Events
Phoebe Laughlin Profile

Phoebe Laughlin

Gege Schoenfelder Profile

Gege Schoenfelder

AVP Marquee Events
Paul Mai Profile

Paul Mai

Sunny Shah Profile

Sunny Shah

Azmat Siddiqui Profile

Azmat Siddiqui

AVP Collaboration
Fiona Gee Profile

Fiona Gee

AVP Careers
Marie Bullano Profile

Marie Bullano

AVP Alumni
Courtney Schier Profile

Courtney Schier

AVP Academic Affairs
Francisco Custodio Profile

Francisco Custodio

AVP Academic Affairs
Se Jeong Profile

Se Jeong

AVP Academic Affairs
Nancy Lu Profile

Nancy Lu

VP Alumni
Tyler Nguyen Profile

Tyler Nguyen

AVP Academic Affairs
Joshua Statland Profile

Joshua Statland

VP Finance
Mayedun Ogunsanwo Profile

Mayedun Ogunsanwo

VP Marquee Events
Brianna C Zafian Profile

Brianna C Zafian

VP Technology
Danielle Abushanab Profile

Danielle Abushanab

VP Academic Affairs
Edward Joo Profile

Edward Joo

VP Collaboration
Esther Kim Profile

Esther Kim

VP Philanthropy
Jonathan Chen Profile

Jonathan Chen

VP Finance
Kitty ( Yuen Wai ) Chu Profile

Kitty (Yuen Wai) Chu

AVP Philanthropy

E: lsg-board@stern.nyu.edu

Langone Student Government (LSG)

44 W. 4th St.
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