Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging and Equity (IDBE) Vertical

About us

The Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging and Equity (IDBE) committee's vision is for Langoners of all backgrounds and identities is to feel that they belong at Stern.

We strive to do this by ensuring inclusion, diversity, and equity considerations are standardized into every Langone student touchpoint - through programming, strategic partnerships, and insight and action-building.

The IDBE Vertical is the membership of the committee on LSG Board.

How to use us:

Email us at, if you have ideas about Stern Langone programming/events/initiatives you'd like to share and/or anything else you want to bring to our attention.

Otherwise, please look out for our hosted/sponsored events and initiatives on Campus Groups.

How to get involved:

We are establishing a volunteer arm of the committee to help us routinely collect feedback, help out with events, initiatives etc. with potential to join LSG next academic term!


To encourage transparency and constantly strive to improve the student experience, we have this anonymous survey link. that only Stern students can fill out that goes only to our committee, should you want to share anything with us. Your email is not automatically saved.

We also launch biannual surveys on the Langone student experience.

Amanda Villarreal


Amanda is an Austin, TX native who joined Stern's part-time MBA program in Spring' 21. Serving people and creating better experiences for them is the thread throughout her diverse career - from beginning in psychology research and clinical service, with a BA from Amherst College; to political organizing and civil rights lobbying in Washington, DC and Texas; to growing inclusive nonprofits, tech startups, and innovation consulting practices. Now, Amanda partners with executives to co-create new products, services, and business units for Fortune 500 organizations, leveraging human-centered design, as part of Accenture Song's design and innovation arm. She additionally co-leads Latinx MBA's NYC chapter.

Cecilia Corzo-Araoz


Ceci started in Stern in Spring 2021. She has been involved on campus since the beginning as VP of Corporate Relations for SWIB, AVP of Langone for Stern Adventures and AVP of Langone for AHBSS. She is now the VP of Langone for AHBBS and Stern Adventures and joined LSG for 2022-2023.

Amy Brunner


Amy started part-time at Stern in spring 2021, and is thrilled to be part of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee within LSG. She has an M.Ed. focused on education technology and media, and has worked as a product lead in educational software, entertainment streaming apps and now works on a product that is a little bit of both. She grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and like all good Chicagoland area natives she loves deep dish pizza and the dearly departed Herb Kent the Cool Gent on V103.