Alumni Information

Welcome, alumni!

We encourage you to get involved with MCA in the following ways:

1. Serve as advisors to the MCA Board and help us improve the Stern consulting brand. We encourage your participation and value your feedback on future initiatives. There is no time commitment to get involved and you can join our periodic conference calls as your time allows. If you are interested, please email the MCA Board with the following information: Name, Year of Graduation, Full-Time or Part-Time, Company, Home Office.

2. Sponsor hands on learning by recommending organizations for NYU Stern’s Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) program. View our SCC section further down the page for more information.

3. Support Stern students in the recruiting process - Give informational interviews and resume feedback, list your contact information in SWAP, and volunteer to be a CAP mentor. View our CAP section further on down the page for more information.

4. Encourage your firm to recruit Stern MBAs - A variety of levels of commitment are possible from giving a small content presentation or hosting an informal coffee chat to a full corporate presentation with on-campus recruiting. To take advantage of any of these opportunities, contact the Office of Career Development at (212) 998-0421 or

Career Advisory Program (CAP)

CAP is the online career mentoring program housed within SWAP, the password protected online alumni community. In CAP, alumni can volunteer to serve as a mentor for fellow alumni and/or current students. Through one-on-one interaction, which can be via e-mail, phone or in-person meetings, alumni share their knowledge and experiences, providing industry insight into organizational cultures from established professionals.

For additional information on CAP, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (212) 998-4040 or email

Stern Consulting Corps (SCC)

In partnership with some of the nation’s most prominent for-profit and non-profit organizations, NYU Stern has developed the Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) programs. SCC is a 1.5 credit experiential learning program aligned with a management course entitled 'Consulting Practice: Process and Problem Solving'. SCC is the premier venue for students to learn the academic frameworks of consulting and simultaneously apply their learning to a real business opportunity or issue for organizations in New York City. The SCC aims to create a unique partnership where students add value to businesses by employing their MBA skillsets.

Consultants help analyze and solve organizations’ most challenging business problems. These issues are often complex and ill-defined. Time, data, and resources may be limited. Management consultants successfully tackle these challenges by applying a structured approach to their analysis. The skills that consultants hone through this practice can be applied in a variety of business contexts and allow for structured, successful problem solving across disciplines. Students in the Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) program will learn these skills while applying the knowledge to a live 10-week consulting engagement.