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We encourage you to utilize both our exclusive resources and collection of outside materials for in-depth practice and learning.

Interview Prep


  • Break down the case portion of the interview with drills, concepts, and live preparation using Rocketblocks
  • Join MCA to receive 20% off each month with an exclusive code


  • This online assessment conducted by a professional coach shows which areas to improve (structure, brainstorms, chart reading, etc)
  • CIRA is offered 2-3 times over the fall semester. Look out in the MCA Events calendar for future dates.

Peter K - Professional Site for Self-Prep

  • After 4 years of management consulting at McKinsey and L.E.K., Peter K now trains MBA and undergrad students for their consulting interviews.
  • The portal contains drills, e-courses, and a casebook with real MBB cases
  • MCA will host exclusive events with Peter leading up to interviews.

Behavioral Preparation

  • STAR Method
  • STAR-L Method
  • CARL
  • Don't forget to work on your stories, using the vignette board from the IGNITE Workbook, prepare a number of stories that cover a range of question types, and join MCA for mock-style interviews.

Victor Cheng's Website

  • Case Interview Website
  • Videos, downloads, and additional resources are available by signing up on the website. Subscribe to the newsletter and look through the various materials to learn about consulting and practice for your interviews.

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