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Stern Management & Strategy Club (SMS) at NYU-Stern 

The Stern Management & Strategy Club (SMS), formerly the Strategy and Operations Club (SOC), serves to provide information, awareness, networking opportunities and career development for students interested in careers in general management, rotational, and leadership development programs that cover functional areas such as business development, internal & external strategy, corporate finance, supply chain operations, procurement, and human resources management.

What companies has SMS partnered with with in the past?

SMS has historically partnered with a number of different companies in a variety of industries.  Some of these include Thomson Reuters, PepsiCo, Liberty Mutual, JP Morgan, American Express, and MasterCard.

What types of activities/events does SMS put on during the year?

SMS hosts a diverse set of activities and events designed to help facilitate our member’s knowledge and understanding of the strategy and operations functions within many different businesses. Our main annual event is the Strategy Forum, typically held in the Spring. In addition, we organize panels and career programming events to help our members better position themselves for the recruiting process.

What are the benefits of joining?

Members gain lifetime access to all of the resources and relationships that SMS has built. We provide numerous opportunities to learn about different careers and functions through our many events. Members also receive first notice of any strategy- or management-related career opportunities.

Tell me more about internal strategy jobs.

Internal strategy jobs are individually unique and vary widely between companies. Some have more of an “internal consulting” focus, while others concentrate more on functions like finance or operations. No two roles are quite the same!

What are the backgrounds of people who go into these jobs?

Backgrounds of former/current members who have successfully landed jobs in these fields are incredibly diverse! They range from former consultants, bankers, military, operations, and non-profit professionals. 

What is the recruiting schedule for these jobs?

Due to the diverse nature of these jobs, the recruiting schedule for these types of roles vary depending on industry.

Does SMS provide training?

SMS aims to prepare our members through as many useful training opportunities as possible.  Some of these include casing practice, mock interviews, and peer reviews. We are here to serve our members, so we are always open to new ideas for career programming!

What peer mentorship opportunities exist at Stern for students hoping to enter one of these jobs?

We have a strong culture of mentorship within SMS. In addition to formal mentorship with MBA2’s, there are many informal mentorship opportunities that are readily available.

What’s the difference between SMS and MCA?

While there is some overlap between SMS and MCA, the main difference is that we primarily serve those looking to recruit outside traditional management consulting careers.