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About Us

The South Asian Business Association (SABAS) serves as a collaborative link between South Asia and the Stern community as a whole. SABAS creates a platform for exchanging academic, inter-cultural and professional ideas at Stern.









Members Benefits

We help mold native South Asian students and those interested in the region, to navigate recruitment for a wide variety of industries globally. In addition to professional guidance and support, SABAS also organizes a host of cultural activities including but not limited to Holi parties, Bollywood Nights, Diwali celebrations amongst others!

Events & Activities

Diwali celebration, Holi party, Bollywood Nights, Happy Hours and mixers, Food tour....

Exclusive Resources

Onboarding buddies, Career Mentors, Career Workshops, Mock Interviews, Alumni Networking Sessions...


SABAS Getaways and a Spring Break Trek to Nepal

Our Team

Abhishek Kumar Profile

Abhishek Kumar

VP Corp/Alumni Relations
Sarvesh Hire Profile

Sarvesh Hire

VP Career
Mansi Jain Profile

Mansi Jain

VP Community Engagement
JR Mailig Profile

JR Mailig

VP Allyship
Sangitha Mohan Profile

Sangitha Mohan

Nikhilesh Goel Profile

Nikhilesh Goel

VP Conference
Vidhi Bhatia Profile

Vidhi Bhatia

VP Career
Mudita Rana Profile

Mudita Rana

VP Career
Ganesh Tadake Profile

Ganesh Tadake

VP Communication & Corporate Relations
Rupal Totla Profile

Rupal Totla

VP Admissions
Biswajit Sarkar Profile

Biswajit Sarkar

VP Community Engagement
Ratan Singh Sujan Singh Profile

Ratan Singh Sujan Singh

VP Collaboration
Niharika Agrawal Profile

Niharika Agrawal

VP Conference
Nikhita Pai Profile

Nikhita Pai

VP Conference
Shobhana Sridhar Profile

Shobhana Sridhar

VP Community Engagement
Rasbihari Das Profile

Rasbihari Das

Aindrilla Mukherjee Profile

Aindrilla Mukherjee

VP Communication & Corporate Relations
Jeevan Renjith Profile

Jeevan Renjith

VP Career
Vinod A Profile

Vinod A

VP Community Engagement
Sreekavitha Parupalli Profile

Sreekavitha Parupalli

VP Community Engagement
Sejal Mali Profile

Sejal Mali

VP Allyship
Vignesh Sayeesundar Profile

Vignesh Sayeesundar

VP Finance/Treasurer
Niraj Dsouza Profile

Niraj Dsouza

VP Admissions
Sahil Sharma Profile

Sahil Sharma

VP Corp/Alumni Relations


South Asian Business Association at Stern

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